What Is a Ruby Gem?

I’ve spent the last week working on GemifyJS, a cool new project that turns Javascripts into Ruby gems. Of course, to do this, I needed to answer the question what is a gem?

Heroku Toolbelt: From a New App to Deployment

Now that Heroku has recently deprecated their gem, you’ll need to switch over to the Heroku Toolbelt. To be honest, I’m not too sure what the difference is but I do know that now is the perfect time to outline how you’d get a new app set up and running on Heroku.

Useful Sublime Text 2 Shortcuts for Beginners

I believe that there is inherently goodness in a small degree of laziness. It forces you to be efficient and creative in order to maximize the output of your work. To that end, I’ve compiled a few of the shortcuts I use every day as a new Rubyist.

How to Avoid Multitasking for Greater Productivity

One of the biggest mistakes we tend to make is placing a massive emphasis on multitasking. We tend to hero worship people who can juggle many projects, especially entrepreneurs like Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey. However, I’ve personally found that multitasking actually makes me less productive overall and hurts my ability to focus. Over the years, I’ve come up with a personal system that helps me stay on task for better results. I hope it helps you too.

Tips for Beginners to Contribute to Open Source

One of the things we have to do at the Flatiron School is contribute to open source projects. As a beginner, it’s pretty scary to think about writing code that experts will review and countless people may use. Where do you even start?

Reflecting on My Ruby Education

I’m incredibly fortunate to be attending the Flatiron School here in NYC from October through December taking lessons on Ruby, Rails, Javascsript and other web technologies. It’s been really exciting to try and educate myself about what goes on under the hood on all my favorite web applications. However, not all learning styles work equally well for me.

SQL Joins Are HARD

Here at the Flatiron School, we’re building out our own internal feedback tool, which is wonderfully named Feedbackadoro (if you disapprove, please yell at Avi). We started out by building the SQL tables and some practice queries, and I’m pretty sure I need a lot more work to understand JOINs…

I’m Editing My Config

I’m going to be incredibly embarrassed of all this if I forget it and it leaks to the public.

Title Here

Here is where you put your text.

Testing Out HTML Code

I’m going to test out the bold, italics and Google link too.